Official press release – Jurassic Park Trilogy on Blu-ray – 27 October 2011!


Gelieve hieronder het officiële Engelstalige persbericht te willen aantreffen voor de wereldwijde release van de spectaculaire Jurassic Park trilogie op Blu-ray. De enige afwijkende informatie betreft de talen – die later meegedeeld zullen worden – en het feit dat de trilogie bij ons al op dvd beschikbaar is.


Veuillez bien trouver ci-dessous le communiqué officiel en anglais qui annonce la sortie globale de la spectaculaire trilogie Jurassic Park en Blu-ray. La seule différence avec notre sortie locale concerne les langues (à confirmer plus tard) et le fait que la trilogie est bel et bien déjà disponible en DVD. Version française du communiqué.

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One of the Most Thrilling & Groundbreaking Motion-Picture Trilogies of All Time Roars onto Blu-ray with Breathtaking New High-Definition Picture & Perfect Sound


All Three Epic Adventures from Filmmaker Steven Spielberg Plus More Than Two Hours of All-New Bonus Features

Available on Blu-ray For the First Time Ever On October 27, 2011

Amsterdam, June 27, 2011 – The wait is finally over to experience one of the most anticipated motion-picture trilogies of all time like never before when Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III debut as a trilogy set on Blu-ray October 27, 2011 from Universal Pictures International Home Entertainment. Acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s award-winning cinematic franchise, based on the best-selling book by  Michael Crichton, generated nearly $2 billion combined at the worldwide box office and featured groundbreaking visual effects that changed the art of movie-making forever. Now, all three epic films have been digitally restored and remastered in flawless high definition for the ultimate viewing experience. Additionally, the films’ visceral sound effects and the unforgettable music from legendary composer John Williams can now be heard in pristine 7.1 surround sound ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY – 5.1 surround sound in other territories. Arriving in stores just in time for holiday gift giving, this collectible three-movie set also features hours of bonus features, including an all-new, six-part documentary and digital copies (windows only)  of all three films that can be viewed on an array of portable devices anytime, anywhere.  The Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy is also available in a spectacular Limited Edition Gift Set and on DVD.

The Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy features an all-star cast including Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Attenborough, Ariana Richards, Joseph Mozzello, Julianne Moore, Vince Vaughn, William H. Macy and Tea Leoni.  In addition to the talented cast of actors, the Trilogy features stars of a different magnitude—from the huge Tyrannosaurus rex to the vicious Velociraptor, the Jurassic Park films showcase an extraordinary level of realism and technical innovation brought to life by a talented design team which include: Stan Winston, Live Action Dinosaurs; ILM’s Dennis Muren, Full Motion Dinosaurs; Phil Tippett, Dinosaur Supervisor; Michael Lantieri, Special Dinosaur Effects and Special Visual Effects by Industrial Light & Magic.


  • Return to Jurassic Park” – this six-part documentary features all-new interviews with the many of the cast members from all three films, the filmmakers and Steven Spielberg.
    • Dawn of a New Era
    • Making Pre-history
    • The Next Step in Evolution
    • Finding The Lost World
    • Something Survived
    • The Third Adventure


  • BD-LIVE – Access the BD-Live™ Center through your Internet-connected player to watch exclusive content, the latest trailers, and more!
  • MY SCENES:  Bookmark your favorite scenes from the film.
  • Pocket BLU:   The groundbreaking pocket BLU app uses iPad®, iPhone®, iPod® touch, Android, PC and Mac® to work seamlessly with a network-connected Blu-ray player.  Plus iPad® owners can enjoy a new, enhanced edition of pocket BLU™ made especially to take advantage of the tablet’s larger screen and high resolution display.  Consumers will be able to browse through a library of Blu-ray content and watch entertaining extras on-the-go in a way that’s bigger and better than ever before.  pocket BLU offers advanced features such as:
    • ADVANCED REMOTE CONTROL: A sleek, elegant new way to operate your Blu-ray player. Users can navigate through menus, playback and BD-Live functions with ease.
    • VIDEO TIMELINE:  Users can easily bring up the video timeline, allowing them to instantly access any point in the film.
    • MOBILE-TO-GO:  Users can unlock a selection of bonus content with their Blu-ray discs to save to their device or to stream from anywhere there is a Wi-Fi network, enabling them to enjoy content on the go, anytime, anywhere.
    • BROWSE TITLES:  Users will have access to a complete list of pocket BLU-enabled titles available and coming to Blu-ray.  They can view free previews and see what additional content is available to unlock on their device.
    • KEYBOARD:  Entering data is fast and easy with your device’s intuitive keyboard.

The following bonus features also appear on the Blu-ray:

  • The Making of Jurassic Park
  • The Making of The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • The Making of Jurassic Park III
  • Steven Spielberg Directs Jurassic Park
  • Early Pre-Production Meetings 
  • The World of Jurassic Park
  • The Magic of Industrial Light & Magic
  • Location Scouting
  • Phil Tippett Animatics: Raptors In The Kitchen
  • The Jurassic Park Phenomenon: A Discussion with Author Michael Crichton
  • Industrial Light & Magic and Jurassic Park: Before and After The Visual Effects
  • Industrial Light & Magic and The Lost World: Jurassic Park Before & After
  • The Industrial Light & Magic Press Reel 
  • A Visit to Industrial Light & Magic
  • Hurricane in Kauai Featurette
  • Dinosaur Turntables
  • The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park III
  • Montana: Finding New Dinosaurs 
  • Animatics: T-Rex Attack
  • The Special Effects of Jurassic Park III 
  • The Sounds of Jurassic Park III
  • The Art of Jurassic Park III 
  • Tour of Stan Winston Studio
  • Feature Commentary with Special Effects Team
  • Production Archives: Storyboards, Models, Photographs, Design Sketches and Conceptual Drawings
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • And MORE!



From Academy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg, the Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy is one of the most successful film franchises in worldwide box-office history. On a remote tropical island, an amazing living theme park becomes a game of survival for humans foolhardy enough to set foot on it. Meticulously recreated dinosaurs spring to astonishing life as the film’s breathtaking special effects and thrilling action sequences keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Each chapter of the history-making saga delivers even more action and spectacular visual effects than its predecessor, as nature’s ultimate killing machines once again rule the earth. Almost 20 years after its inception, the Jurassic Park Trilogy remains an unmatched cinematic experience.

Jurassic Park

A multimillionaire (Richard Attenborough) unveils a new theme park where visitors can observe dinosaurs cloned using advanced DNA technology. But when an employee tampers with the security system, the dinosaurs escape, forcing the visitors to fight for their survival. Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern star in this thrilling, action-packed blockbuster from acclaimed director Steven Spielberg and based on the novel by Michael Crichton.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Four years afterJurassicPark’s genetically bred dinosaurs ran amok, multimillionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) shocks chaos theorist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) by revealing thatHammondhas been breeding more beasties at a secret location. Malcolm, his paleontologist ladylove (Julianne Moore) and a wildlife videographer (Vince Vaughn) join an expedition to document the lethal lizards’ natural behavior in this action-packed thriller.

Jurassic Park III

In need of funds for research, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) accepts a large sum of money to accompany Paul and Amanda Kirby (William H. Macy and Tea Leoni) on an aerial tour of the infamous Isla Sorna. It isn’t long before all hell breaks loose and the stranded wayfarers must fight for survival as a host of new — and even more deadly — dinosaurs try to make snacks of them. Laura Dern, Michael Jeter, Alessandro Nivola and Trevor Morgan co-star.

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Street Date: October 27, 2011

Copyright: 2011 Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Selection Number:

Layers: BD-50

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen, 1.85:1

Rating: PG-13

Languages/Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish and French Subtitles

Sound: English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, French 2.0, English SDH, Spanish Subtitles

Run Time: Jurassic Park – 2 hours, 7 minutes

The Lost World: Jurassic Park – 2 hours, 9 minutes

Jurassic Park III – 1 hour, 33 minutes

Jurassic Park

Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Produced By: Kathleen Kennedy and Gerald R. Molen

Screenplay By: Michael Crichton and David Koepp

Based on the Novel By: Michael Crichton

Director of Photography: Dean Cundey

Production Designer: Rick Carter

Film Edited By: Michael Kahn, ACE

Music By: John Williams

Live Action Dinosaurs: Stan Winston

Full Motion Dinosaurs By: Dennis Muren, ASC

Special Dinosaur Effects: Michael Lantieri

Dinosaur Supervisor: Phil Tippett

Special Visual Effects: Industrial Light & Magic

Cast: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, B.D. Wong, Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Knight, Joseph Mazzello, Ariana Richards

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Produced By: Gerald R. Molen and Colin Wilson

Screenplay By: David Koepp

Based on the Novel “The Lost World” By: Michael Crichton

Executive Producer: Kathleen Kennedy

Director of Photography: Janusz Kaminski, ASC

Production Designer: Rick Carter

Film Editor: Michael Kahn, ACE

Music By: John Williams

Live Action Dinosaurs: Stan Winston

Full Motion Dinosaurs By: Dennis Muren, ASC

Special Dinosaur Effects: Michael Lantieri

Special Visual Effects: Industrial Light & Magic

Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Arliss Howard

Jurassic Park III

Directed By: Joe Johnston

Produced By: Kathleen Kennedy, Larry Franco

Written By: Peter Buchman and Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor

Based on Characters Created By: Michael Crichton

Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg

Director of Photography: Shelly Johnson, ASC

Production Designer: Ed Verreaux

Editor: Robert Dalva

New Music By: Don Davis

Original Themes By: John Williams

Live Action Dinosaurs: Stan Winston Studio

Animation and Special Visual Effects By: Industrial Light & Magic

Cast: Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni, Alessandro Nivola, Trevor Morgan, Michael Jeter

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België/Belgique: Tinseltown

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